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of them be removed at pleasure to such general Heads. Under
the Head, "House," also, it has been judged indispensably
necessary, to show together all such matters or business
as the House has taken up itself, without any application
from without doors, or, as appears, from within.
All cases therefore, which have originated in this way,
will be here seen together; classed however under distinct
Divisions answering to the several modes in which they
appear to have been thus taken up, as well as the matters
to which they relate. This head is now confined
to such matters as have been taken up by the House
by way of Enquiry merely. How far it may be judged proper
to carry on under this Head the chain of Proceeding upon
these several cases, is another consideration. The general

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purpose of the present arrangement will be entirely answered
by giving here only the outset of each case. And such
Subsequent Proceedings upon it as are thought to be
worth notice may be referred to from their proper places
of subject matter in the Index.

In this first view then of the work before us, we shall
have, properly speaking, a general Index of referrence
to all the several cases recorded in the Journals, under
the respective Heads of Subject matter to which they

The Second, and perhaps the most important object of
the proposed Index is, to facilitate the search for such
Precedents as arise out of the distinct parts of those
several cases thus specified and arranged. It is—

Easter Explanatory Observ.S to the Index to the Journals [2]

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most obvious, that Precedents for particular intermediate
Proceedings or Determinations can not be found at once
by the fullest state of each distinct original Case; not
even by the most circumstantial narrative of the several
Steps taken in the course of it. It will be necessary
for this purpose, to examine the whole of every Case
in which such Precedents can possibly occur. For it
may happen, that the Precedents we are in quest of —
may lie in the very last Case of the Class to which it
belongs. And we can never be sure, that we have collected
all the Precedents in any particular instance, till
we have examined the very last. Thus in order to
collect all the instances of "Return heard separately
from Election "Election declared void upon any particular
---page break---
ground" "Right of Election determined", "Evidence
objected to and admitted" and the like, we shall be
obliged to go through all the several cases of controverted
Election that are to be found in the Journals;
though probably the Precedent we want does not occur
in the twentieth part of them. In order therefore
to save the trouble of so tedious a search, we have
endeavoured to analyse or divide the several general
Heads, which are capable of such Analysis, or, more
properly the several original Cases comprized under
such Heads into their distinct component parts; each
of which we consider as being, what indeed in this respect
it really is, a distinct Case from the whole; and refer
under it to all the instances in which it may any where

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