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§. To the author belong the General Observations alone: the examples
are by other hands.

☞ 1819 Aug. 9. Such as above was the (it appears) the design while
this and the following page were writing.

With regard to the plan of operation upon which this
work was intended, thus it may be of use the
reader should be apprised of, viz. that the general matter
and the examples – the text and the notes – are not
produce of the labour the work of the same hand. The labour of the
text was quite as much as the the author of it was equal
to, the state of his eyes would not have admit wassufficed of not itself to
preclude him from so much as the attempt to execute
the other part.

If therefore to any Honorable Gentleman whose friendship
or whose good opinion in any degree, the it may be
the author's good fortune to possess or to be ambitious of in a particular degree – if to any such person
it should happen to observe an example specimens of any of the instruments
of deception or question taken from a speech bearing that
from has been given to the public under his name, his
necessity and regret constitute ignorance must compose</add> regret as all the apology peace-offering about it is in the authors' power
to present.

That much he can say and say with truth that
it was not with a view to persons but to arguments
to individuals but to the public ≠ to the present day time only
but to all future tenses – und the work was composed.

In each instance To make the case in that above task and that
alone was his: to for look out for heads to fit it
was a task, consigned bestowed by necessity, as above, to other

In the subject of each argument – what was found to
was that by in variety of

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[[notes_public::"to the author belong the general observations alone; the examples are by other hands." [not in jb's hand] "1819 aug. 9 such as above was it appears the design when this and the following page were writing" [in same hand]]]

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