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7. By assistant friend the Terra Felices,
He was not the
He seeks

On the occasion of each argument what was present to his
mind was – that on a variety of occasions – by a variety
of persons, no argument to the effect in question
had been employed: by whom employed, has been all along throughout
a question from which so far from being pointed to it, his
This being the case attention has all along been studiously turned aside

This being the case, among the great character
to whom in their respective high situations it belongs
to exercise the power of government. Should it happen
to any one to observe an argument or a speech bearing
his name an inference indication given of argument to which it has happened to be
under any one of those the heads thus held up to
view. How much Two questions the author will have beg leave to submitt
to his consideration: one is whether supposing any such argument
to have been employed by him the impropriety of it, and , if
any, will have been lessened by the quality – the individuality
of the person by whom it was thus employed? – the other
whether by in the discovery that an in the of those by whom the
employment had been given to the improper and deceptive argument, – any sufficient reason
was constituted for
leaving the argument
out of the list of fallacies
or his speech
out of the list of examples.

Under the pressure of this any such resentment, one
consolation can not be denied to the author – which is
that by any person living who either is or has been in
power, to whatsoever other charge imputation may seem appropriate to
the author, in such charge the conscience of the author will not live to easily add the ground will be found
for any such imputation the reproach any such reproach as that of

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