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1819 Aug. 24

Fallacies Preface

8 1

Offer &c? Sequel or

If whether taken in its present state, or in the state of improvement of which
it may be susceptible, or taken in its present state, the tendency
of this work is really to promote by by means the exposure of
deceptive argument in all its shapes, to promote the public
interest — the interest best and most comprehensive interest of the greatest number, its tendency
will in proportion be adverse to the interest of those whose
who in that public interest behold an interest to which
their own is adverse. In that case On that supposition no endeavour
by which any promise is afforded of proving conducive contributory to that
effort will on their part be spared. The nature of it is
not such as, in these times, even in this country
on the part by the hands of those at whose disposal the people of this country
suffer themselves to lie prostrate, seem to admitt of entire
suppression, by suppression prosecution or injunction. But at the
hands of all those who being actuated and governed by that sinister
interest are sensible themselves possess themselves the knowledge
of the principles by which they are guided, all such
endeavours as afford any promise of diminishing the circulation
of it may be and are looked for with full assurances.
It will form an article in their index expurgatorius: and
by those writers who scruple not to afford make public that proof
of the hostility of the principle to the universal interest
which is afforded by the endeavour to prevent man from
viewing the most important subjects with any better disposition
than a determination to remain continue in the wrong — their publication
who for the defence of English Constitution in Church and State and English Church Government require the necessity
of having recourse to the most justly odious practice of
despotism and popery, this instrument of warfare will of course
be employed against this his endeavour in the service of his fellow-
men, with the same
energy as that with
which against other
endeavours of his they
have already been employd.
Touch not, taste not, handle not: By this text, different as was the occasion in which it was first employed, the nature of the advice in question, stands appropriately
enough expressed.

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