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1820 Feb. 20
Preface or Introduction

§. Vulgar Errors


To determine on each As to the collection of notions
here submitted presented to the reader under the appellation of
fallacies, to determine consider and examine in relation to each of them whether
a correspondent vulgar error were ever be to be found to have place
might to some minds perhaps afford more or less amusement,
but in many instances, would not be a work an operation of much
facility, nor is it does it seem easy to say in what
instances it affords any considerable a portion of any
very considerable use: in the instance of one man that
tendency will be perceived by him, in the instance of another
not: even in the instance of the same man it will may
at one time be perceived, at another not. Few indeed Small is the number of
are the men, to whom the distinction, though their own
minds are the seat of it would be is very decidedly perceived
few are they among whose habits is numbered that of making
any such nice scrutiny into the interior of their own
minds: be the notion persuasion true or false the more thoroughly impregnated
a the man himself is, the better he is qualified for
communicating the it to others. As to any practical use
in the enquiry nothing of that in that way here presents itself:
the notion being let the notion be / suppose the notion supposed be much the qualities of at the same
erroneous in its nature and pernicious in its tendency, the
one thing needful is to expose it to cause it to be
seen to be possessed of these properties — to be seen and understood to
be what it is whether it on the part in the instances of this or that individual
is an article of information
whether the deceptious tendency be or be not perceived, may to this
or that other individual who has to deal with him be of more or less useful use
But it a general inquiry can scarce is only in so far as it may be found applicable
cable to whole ranks of
persons that it can in
a work of a general nature —
such as the present, any application can be found in it for it.

[c] in other words whether
a man is serious
or the
sincere or
insincere is the propagation
of it, whether
on the occasion in
which he gives currency
to it he is
or is not aware of
its deceptious property
or tendency.

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