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1809 Aug. 1 + 2
Fallacies B. I
1. Generalia
Ch. 11 Generalia

§.2. Classification

Ch. 1. Of Fallacies in General
§ Ch. 2. Fallacies distinguished and classed and denominated

To undertake to comprize under this inquiry comprehend within the limits of this essay all the arrangements
or instruments of persuasion to which the appellation
of fallacies might be found applicable would be to grasp
at too wide a field. A choice being to be made the best
choice that can be made will be acknowledged to be, the choosing
such of which those which the importance which so as in
the scale of importance, meaning practical importance, appear
to occupy the highest place. Political fallacies is
a term an appellation under which, by far the most moment in this
time will be found comprizable.

To comprize all
fallacies, an attempt
too arduous, and
not within the present

Political the only
fallacies here attempted
to be comprized.

Fallacies of the ins; fallacies of the outs; and
Jack-of-both-sides Either side (a) fallacies — under one or other of these terms specific appellations
(a) Note explaining this
term from the game of

may be included will be found comprizable as many
individual fallacies as there will here be occasion to bring
to view: should these appellations be found familiar to a
degree of triviality they will not be the less intelligible
If to these concise appellations it there be any reader to whom it will be more agreeable to
substitute for his own use long-winded ones, he has the author's free leave for it.

Source of distinction
the political
of the persons
most apt to use them
1. Ministerial, or of
the Ins.
2. Opposit, or
of the Outs.
3. Either side

Of this division it were too much to undertake to
present the component members as being in so perfect
a degree distinct and opposite as to render the division
capable of abiding that logical test of a good division good in the
sense of the logician which according to the laws laid down
by logicians every division to entitle itself to the appellation
of a good one, ought to must be able to abide. It were rather too much to
undertake for, that the fallacies ranked in the class of fallacies of the inses
should shall on no occasion be found applicable to the purposes of the outs: that
those stiled fallacies of the outs shall in no case be found applicable
to the purposes of the inses:
or that the Jack-of-both these have termed
sides Either side fallacies shall at
the same time be applicable
with exactly equal advantage
to the purposes of the ins: and
to the purposes of the outs, and at the same not applicable to any other than party purposes, on the one side or the other, as above.

Imperfections of this
division — it may not
be strictly logical —
1. Ministerial may
and then be
to the Outs and vice
2. Either side will in
general be more useful
to Ins than Outs.

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