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1819 Aug. 5
Classification & N


§. Quarter addressed
1 understanding 2 affection

Be the fallacy what it may, a man an intended deceiver can not employ
it with much any prospect of success, except unless in so far as, in
the minds which it is designed to act upon on which it is employed, there be already
in ^ existence a correspondent propensity disposition to be efficiently acted upon with by it.
[+] Wherever there is an
agent there is a patient
wherever there is on one part aptotectic
to act efficiently upon another with
effect, there must be on
the part of that
other a correspondent
aptitude to be acted
upon [with effect] by
the action of that same instrument
with effect,

by such this delusion an instrument psychological instruments. The causes of misconduct through
misjudgment are sinister interest, interest — together prejudice,
authority-begotten prejudice, and indigenous inborn weakness.
In every case instance in so far as a fallacy operates, there must
be on in the minds on the part of those on which it operates a correspondent
or indigenous or original weakness — a propen natural propensity to be deceived by such an instrument = one in which the
power of the instrument has its root. [The mind of the deceiver operator
— of the operating deceiver himself may be among those
in which the delusion has place it may itself be among
the seats of the delusion, or it may not. When In so far as it is, there
exists in that side no error of judgment — no delusion: among
the four distinguishable causes of error, sinister interest is the only
one that has place. But in the minds proposed designed to be thus
acted upon, there must be a source an [an instrument or] a source
of the delusion different from sinister interest must already
have place. If not in the mind in question, in some other
there accordingly must be already in existence, a correspondent original
weakness. If in the mind in question the immediate cause
of the delusion is interest-begotten prejudice and nothing
else — prejudice produced by interest without the aid of authority,
and therefore without need of it, still in this same mind
there must be a predisposition to be acted upon with the degree
of efficiency in question, and the force of authority being by the
supposition out of the question, this predisposition can be no other
than the a correspondent original weakness.


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