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1819 Aug. 8
Ch. 3 Classification & Nomenclature

Corrupt and corruptive influence In Political corruption is an ingredient peculiar
to the English Constitution: peculiar to a mixt monarchy. In a
pure monarchy or a pure aristocracy it has no place – because
there is no need of it: in a Representative Democracy it has no
place: because it there there is no force in it. it is without efficiency: the quality of the
matter thus applicable is so small, and the efficiency force of it is so
effectually counteracted by the counterpoise remedy in the hands of the people

But though the English is the only Constitution to which the
word corruption is applicable it follows not though the English
C Monarchy is characteristically corrupt while all other Monarchies are absolutely or comparatively pure — it follows not that
it is the worst monarchy on the contrary it is nevertheless
better and that in proportion to the degree of its corruptness than all its those other monarchies. Why? because
if the two great instruments of political evil force and fraud
both of them employed in securing the sacrifice of the interest
of those over whom to the interest of those by whom power
is exercised, force in beyond comparison the most mischievous,
mischievous, namely by means of that fear which it inspires,
and which is not inspired by corruption, except in so far as
in its consequences it gives strengthened terrific stability to the terror-inspiring force.

So long as he keeps any thing for his master a servant
who being bribed by and in a constant league with a robber, betrays
his master, and gives upon every occasion gives up to him
a portion of his master's goods, even this servant, faithless as he is, is so long as there are any
of them left, better than none: for were he out of the house,
the robber would be in it, and every thing would be gone

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