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1 Aug. 1809

Fallacies Ch. 1. Generalia</p>

1. Irrelevance. 2 proof of improbity imbecillity and in belief of the or
. Exception whose
in general are exploded, the influence of one
vituperation , against under
indication of
of authority

Ch. § 2 6. General Character of this applicable in common
to these fallacies
+ Examine as to each. Quere as to Either side?

§.6. Character applying in common to these fallacies+: viz. Irrelevancy
1. Irrelevancy. 2. Proof of malefides or contempt of persons persons addressed
bad cause. 3. Proof of consciousness of is badness or contempt of persons


One character has been already mentioned as applicable
in common to fallacies in general, at any rate
to the class of fallacies here in question, viz. irrelevancy:
irrelevancy with reference to the subject in hand

Whatsoever be the proposition on the carpet, the weaker
among the arguments that in a particular manner plead against it
those that really in a particular manner belong to it the subject the greater
the demand for additional ones: and if so it be that
no such specific arguments applicable to it can be found
the whole mass of the arguments that can be brought up against
must come under this general description of irrelevant
ones, and upon this must rest the whole burthen of the
defence and the whole of the chance in favour of a successful one success.

Whatsoever proposition it be that a man defends part a man takes whether in the way of attack or attacks or of to defence, if
he would defend it with any chance of success it is necessary
he should appear persuaded of the propriety of defending attacking
it. But if called upon for a reason, as in a deliberating
and debating assembly he of course naturally will be, something under
the guise of a reason he must come out with have in store, otherwise
the opposite persuasion will of course be ascribed to

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