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1810 July 19 + §.1 A 1

Appendix to Chap: 1. Ch.


§. Lawyers interest sinister

Interest lawyer
so many lawyers in persons

persons are interest many persons so many
object of suspicion exception to rules
is likely to be seen by men
Lawyers not so for the people in opposition to professional
services interest as persons

§. Examples of descriptions of persons whose declared opinions
on a question of legislation are in a peculiar degree liable
to be tinged with falsity by the action of sinister interest.

§.1 Lawyers — oppositioness of their interest to the universal interest.

1. The question being, for example, what on such
or such a subject ought to be the state of the law,
(for on the question what is law the action of interest
stands on differ grounds which exclude it from this the any sinister operation)
the opinion produced in the character of an authority
is the opinion of some man who at the time of
delivering it or before was engaged in the exercise of the
profession of the law, especially of perhaps in the character of an

I. Lawyers
Persons whose opinion
on a question of legislation
are peculiarly apt to
be tinged with falsity
by sinister interest.
1. Lawyers ( B
as to what the
law is: his interest
is on the side of truth)
viz. those who are or
have been practising

Of every man by whom profit and or preferment are
sought by the exercise of that branch of the profession, the
professional and consequently the personal interest is in a state of direct, constant and altogether
inexorable opposition more particularly on matters called civil
[+] more particularly
in civil matters

to that of the rest of the community.

Those So manifest undeniable is this opposition, so undeniable
and so manifest to every
his eyes from
eye that is not either by sinister
interest or awestruck admiration delusion awe and admiration purposely
turned aside from it, that without an apology
one is ashamed thus to make the existence of it the subject of gr
assertion: and the apology consists in the almost universal
propensity among men all to turn aside from
to shut their eyes against an object which has so high strong
and so continual a claim to . [+]
[+] on the part of any
man who does not
take a delight in
being deceived and
to his own

To the

in a state of such
direct and constant
opposition (especially
in civil) that
assertion to exculpate
it from trifling
an apology: the

propensity to overlook
or turn aside from
a matter of so

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