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July 1810 1810 July 19 2
Ch. Authority-worshippers


§. Lawyers' interest sinister

1 As to delay, vexation
and expence of procedure
People's interest
(honest men's always,
dishonest almost
always) they should
be as small as possible
Advocates, that they
be as great as possible
viz. expence, in so
far as his profit is
proportioned to it;
factitious vexations and delay
in so far as inseparable
from the
profit-yielding part
of the expence.

It is the interest if every not of every man without
exception of every honest man without exception, that
the course taken pursued in the administration of justice
the course travelled taken by him in pursuit the of every claim demand it
becomes necessary for him to make for the effectuation of any
right he possesses or the redress of any wrong he has sustained
should be as pure clear as possible from all factitious
and unnecessary delay vexation and expence.

It is the interest of the man of law that so far
as this expence is a source of profit to himself and
his affiliates , the quantity of this factitious and
unnecessary expence should be as great as possible:
and therefore that in so far as delay is productive
of the profitable part of such expence, and vexation
either as a cause or an inseparable concomitant accompaniment of it,
the quantity of unnecessary and factitious delay should
also be as great as possible.

2. As to uncertainty
Peoples interest that
as to wrong from every
source, each man's security
should be as
compleat as possible:
that all his rights be
known to him, that he
may enjoy the benefit
of idleness: that all acts
which in the case of his
doing them will be treated as offences may be known by him, together with such treatment, that he may avoid .

So as to uncertainty in knowledge
It is add>every man's interest</add> the interest of every member of the community
without exception that in respect of his possessions
in every shape
against wrongs injuries and loss as well as injuries in every
shape in whatsoever quarter he is liable to be affected
person, reputation, property, condition or life, — his
security, and his confidence in assurance of that security should be
at all times be as compleat as possible: that whatsoever
rights it may happen to him to possess he
may at all times be apprized of, that so it may
be in his power at all times to avail himself and to enjoy the full benefit
of them: and that of whatsoever acts will if performed in the event of their being performed by him
be liable to be imputed to him as offences transgressions or wrongs
to the effect of his
being in respect of

those subjected
to suffering in
any shape, whether
in the shape of
, or burthen
of rendering .

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