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19 July 1810 1810 July 19 4

Fallacies Ch. Authority worshippers


§.2. Lawyers interest sinister

If a Cook were to be punished by dis for not
roasting a leg of mutton which was never it was known had not been ordered, such punishment
would in the instance of the a mistress be deemed the height
of folly: if receiving the orders for the purpose of transmitting them
to the Cook the were purposely to suppress them, thus the
disgrace and dis of the miscreant Cook might such
fraud would be deemed the very depth of baseness.

Thus whatever security it is the interest of every
subject as such to possess to the utmost extent, and at all times, it is the
interest of the fraternity of lawyers that at all times he should
possess it to the narrowest extent possible.

It is his interest that he may possess it
in such sort and to such extent, as to avoid as much as possible,
and were it possible altogether, the misfortune
of falling into their hands.

Such knowledge
which it is every man's
interest to possess to
the greatest, it is the
lawyer's interest that
he possess it to the narrowest
extent, possible.

But it is their interest that, he should fall
into their hands, as often and each time be
kept in their hands, as long as possible, so as while any thing many which it can by their power be
extracted from him

Non lawyer's interest
to keep out of lawyer's
hands as much as
possible: lawyers to
get him in as often
and keep him in as
long, as possible.

It is therefore their interest 1st that the knowledge
of any thing by the
he be destitute of all knowledge of by which he might
be enabled to keep himself out of their hands (1) may
be kept out of his knowledge as compleatly effectually as possible
, and thence to make sure
that to as great an extent as possible (2) all such
words whereby assemblages of the such knowledge of it might be conveyed
to him may be kept out of existence (3) 2ndly that
as often as possible he may be made to suffer
for not having complied with commands ordinances rules which
so far from being communicated to him have
never been so much as framed and cloathed in
words: (4)(a)(note) that as often as possible he may be punished
for non compliance with rules of law which never have
been in existence: (5) and that in a word the rule of action by being kept from coming into existence
or otherwise

to as great an extent as possible be kept from coming
to his knowledge, lest by knowing that it exists is —
and what it is, he may save himself from falling into their hands.

— thence that the
words necessary to
keep keep out of their hands non lawyers
may, as long as possible
be kept from coming
into existence: and
when in existence,
as long as possible
kept from being presented
to his mind
and when presented
from staying there.

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