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1810 July 20 + §.2 C 9


1 9

§. Lawyers interest sinister

It is the interest of the man of law, in the character situation
of a Judge that [a man's ideas of right and wrong should
in the highest to such a degree possible confused, contradictory and
(1) on each occasion, without hesitation or
reflection, men should regard his look up to the opinions
or pretended declared by him whatsoever they be, as
constituting the standard of right and wrong, and that,
the standard variable at all times at his pleasure.

(2) That they should be ready to receive as right whatsoever
he declares to be right, to receive as wrong
whatsoever he declares to be wrong, (3) and this at
all times and on all occasions, let such declarations
be ever so inconsistent with the welfare of
the people society ever so self-contradictory and inconsistent
with one another and with themselves.
(4) It is his inter-
-est that at all times who
-est that they should be ready to receive as right
est that on each occasion, whatsoever it happens to
suit him to
he declares to be right, they should receive
as right, only because he has declared it to be right; so;
that in like manner on each occasion, whatsoever it happens to
suit him to
he declares to be wrong, they should receive
as wrong, only because he it has by him been so he has so declared it.
declared to be: — that the same thing should be at
one time regarded as being right, at another time as being wrong, as it
happens to the interest or the humour of the moment to determine.

18 or 1
Judge's interest that
on every occasion
his declared opinion
be taken for the standard
of right and wrong
that whatever he declares
right or wrong be
universally received
as such, how contrary
soever such declaration
be to truth and utility,
and to his own declarations
at other times
and that this disposition
may be perpetual
that what he declares
right or wrong be
received as such
for no reason but
that he has so declared.

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