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1810 July 13

Fallacies Ch. 1. Authority worshippers

8 13

§. Lawyers interest sinister

On any such the question as what the law ought to
be ought then the members of the fraternity of lawyers to
be excluded from the benefit of being heard? Nothing
could be in itself more unreasonable, or more compleatly destitute
of all support from any every thing that has been said above.
On every question of that class, the experience of
for the production of specific and relevant arguments, the experience
acquired by the study of his service and the exercise
of their profession will afford them facilities such as
can not in the instance of any other sort of person
be with equal reason expected be looked for.

25 or 8 or 1
On any point such
as those in question nothing
could be more
unreasonable, more
inconsistent with what
has been said above
to refuse to have a hearing.
On every such point,
for finding relevant
and specific arguments
where the nature of the
case affords any, his
habit and experience
afford him facilities
not possessed by any
one else

But which what ever be the side which he may advocate on the
occasion in question it happens to him to advocate
the greater the facility he can not possess has for bringing
forward whatsoever specific and relevant
arguments the nature of the case affords, the
stronger will be the reason for regarding his opinion
his mere naked opinion, real or pretended, — as
unworthy of all regard not worth notice: — accompanied by specific
arguments, it is superseded by them and rendered
of no use: unaccompanied by such arguments, the
production of it in lieu of the only proper and
satisfactory apposite arguments, is on the this point of a virtual
confession that on the side which he advocates
the nature of the case affords none. no such arguments are by the nature of the case, afforded.

26 or 9 or 2
But the surer he
is of being able to
find such argument
if any such are to
be found, the stronger
the reason for treating
his naked declaration
of opinion as unworthy
of all regard:
accompanied with
such arguments
it is useless, destitute
of them, it amounts
to a virtual confession
of their non-existence.

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