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July 1810 1810 July 17 + B §.3 18

10 Fallacies Ch. 1 Authority worshippers
§.3. Lawyers untrustwothiness

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Refer for example to Rumeley's capital punishmt Bill

§.3. Lawyers — Untrustworthiness of their opinions on the question — what ought to
be law?

Thus stands it is with the use and value of authority in the question
what is law

As to the other question — what ought to be law; it the
those grounds it stands upon are altogether different.
Here the authority of the man of law is not merely worth
little, it is not merely worth nothing, it is worth a great
deal less

On the question what the law is, b accidents excepted
[+] exception excepted
and that no inconsiderable

it is most commonly and upon the whole his interest that the guess he gives be a
right one, his because his by and rendering it so
if such it should be prove, to be, his reputation and thence his interest is upon the
whole rather served than hurt by it.

10 or 1
11. Sc as to what
ought to be law
As to what is law,
it is in general a
lawyers' interest to
give a right opinion

But on let the question be what ought to be law nothing
can be more decided — no interest the prevalence of which
ought in the principles of common sense to be considered as
more universal — than the interest which he has in giving
such an opinion as shall be on each occasion as far from the wide of the truth what is right
as possible.

11 or 2
— as to what ought to
law, a wrong
one, and that such
wrong one should prevail

By Under the guidance The rule of contraries indeed no inconsiderable
chance it might appear at first sight might
be obtained of arriving by this road at the truth.
But whatever should for his own use for apply make use of such instruction
to this rule would do well to keep it secret: because Since
Custom it is that in the character of an established rule
it could not long avail: since no sooner were it recognized
as such, those learned gentlemen by by turning about and observing
the same rule in their opinion learned gentlemen
would under favour of the rule render deception sure,
and without exposing themselves to the charge of insincerity reap
all the interest fruit of it.

12 or 3
Safest side the
opposite to his opinion
were it not
that if such were
the established course
he would frame
his opinion accordingly,
and make
it opposite to their
wishes: thus producing

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