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17 July 1810 19

10 Fallacies Ch. Authority worshippers
§.3. Lawyers untrustworthiness

6 2 2

On the question Throughout the whole extent of what
is looked upon as the field of Common alias Unwritten
law (I mean that which in so far as it can be said to have been made has had the Judges for its
makers) on the question what ought to be law, look
take for your guide the authority of a gentleman
of the long robe, as each might take the certification much more rational would it be to refer to the
much more rational
would it be

authority of Mr Packwood on the question concerning
the goodness of Mr the said Packwoods razors. True
it is that be they what they may he has an interest in pronouncing them
good: but true it likewise is, that he has an interest
in making good, and yes nay, and even as good as it
is in his power to make them: for should a razor
of Mr Packwoods which / which has been pronounced
by him, to be good, be prove on trial to be a bad one,
the consequence is that he to whom it who has happened to
purchased of it as and for a good one, will
for the next razor it happens to him to buy betake himself to some other shop. Thus is it
with this and every other maker of town-made razors

Far otherwise is it with the matter of Judge-
-made law. While it is his interest that whatsoever
he makes shall be as bad as possible, that is as bad as
those who are ruled by it will endure to see and feel it
it is his interest at the same time no less his interest
that it whatsoever part of it by any part of the firm has been made either by
himself and his colleagues or his and their predecessors
should be thought to be as good as possible.

13 or 4
Packwood's opinion
on the goodness of his
razors is safer
guide for judging of
their goodness than
a Judge's is the
goodness of a proposed
law. It is his
interest that his razor
be as good as possible;
the Judge's, that the
law be as bad, yet
thought to be as
good, as possible

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