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17 July 1810 21

Fallacies Ch. Authority-worshippers
§.3. Lawyers untrustworthiness

8 4 4

The higher the reputation Be the goods what they
may, the higher the reputation of the maker is, the
higher the expectation will naturally be which a men
man forms will form of those goods, if in all cases in which the goods badness of
the goods sold by the shop in question has not been
proved to him by experience, and the even in many cases
in which where it has: for when the reputation of the a
mans goods make is to a certain degree high has reached a certain height,
those cases are not wanting in which let his goods
be in his found by experience found ever never so bad the his reputation
of the maker will still continue unaffected without sensible diminution undiminished, the badness
quality of them being not sufficiently understood or referred to a wrong
cause, in a word to any cause but the true one.

15 or 6
In the case of the
Judges goods, no
experience suffices
to undeceive men:
the badness of the
goods, so universally
are they ,
is referred
to any cause but
the true one.

When with or without a conspiracy confederacy a good
character has by some former master been given to
a knavish dishonest servant, [especially if by specific

Minister servant
to an individual

note of dishonesty known by himself to be have been so] punishment
under its own name or under the name of
compensation has of late years been administered.
Or the King in his capacity for of trustee and agent
for the public, a lawyer may in his capacity of
law maker (maker, if I mean here Judge-made law) a lawyer have
been ever so bad and mischievous a hand, another
lawyer, unless in and there is party case, would
no more think of giving him in sp any speech or writing any other than the best
of characters, than a Swindler in the character of a Aimwell quondam
muster would say of a con his confederate acting in
the character of Ar that he was has been found a bad servant,

who or than Mr Packwood
would say of
himself that he made
razors that would not
cut would refuse the
faculty of cutting character of sharpness
to his own razors.

16 or 7
Master giving a falsly
favorable character of
a servant is punishable
by damages
S lawyer
giving do character
of a brother lawyer:
though he will no
more give of him
any character other
than the best than
Swindler of a
confederate Swindler

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