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20 July 1810 25

Ch. Authority worshippers
§.4. Churchmens sinister interest


1. True inquiry prohibited. 2. Rewards for absurdity and insincerity
Disgrace of Punishments for wisdom and sincerity, continued. 3.
given to teachers of religion, continued 4. given to teachers of religion
continued, 5.

1. It is the interest of a Churchman as such [having
in possession or in prospect as such to the legislator
a share in the sovereignty,] so it is his interest
that on the subject of religion

Of The sinister interest to the suitors of which the
property of a Churchman stands exposed the following
circumstances of his condition may be stated as the sources.

1. By On his entrance into his profession, and
as a condition to his being admitted to a share
in the privileges advantages of all kinds attached to it, he has entered
made a solemn and deliberate and solemn and universally notorious declaration, asserting
his belief of the truth of a long large
collection of propositions framed so long ago as
the year 1567 1562+, and of which the date consideration
+ the date
being had of the ignorance and violence of the
times in so compared with and the obscurity of the subject suffices constitutes
of itself in the mind of every reflecting mind
a conclusive proof of its containing a multitude
of propositions absurd in themselves and so absurd
as not to be capable of being really believed at present on
any other ground than that of mere authority, by
any man at present.

on which ground
nothing no absurdity
so gross but has
may be and has been
believed or endeavoured
to be believed.

2. The In this declaration concerning what was
his opinion
in relation to the points in question was
his opinion at that time, is generally understood
to be included on engagement equally solemnly in
the event of his ever its ever happening to him to such his opinion
change undergo a being changed not to declare, or confess
but to every on every occasion to deny such change.

Sources of Churchmens
sinister interest
as above:
1. On entrance into
profession, as condition
precedent to advantage
from it in the shape
of subsistence and all
other shapes,
he makes of necessity
a solemn and deliberate
and recorded declaration
declarative of his belief
in the truth of 39
articles, framed 250
years, the date of which
the ignorance and violence
of the time considered,
should suffice
to satisfy a reflecting mind,
of the impossibility of
their being, all of them,
really believed by any
person at present.

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