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21 July 1810 26

Ch. 1. Authority worshippers
§.4. Churchmen's sinister interest


2. In this declaration
is generally understood
to be included an engagement,
in case of
original belief and
subsequent change,
never to declare, but
if questioned to
deny, such change.

3. In this situation Thus circumstanced, he beholds good sense absurdity
and insincerity crowned with honour and reward held in honour and crowned invested with honoured and rewarded: good wisdom
sense and sincerity held in disgrace disgraced and punished discountenanced and afflicted di
and kept down under in a state of punishment disability
For let the propositions be what they will, the one circumstance
of its being thought necessary to employ reward or
punishment to cause engage a man to say declare his say he believes them
belief in them is of itself proof presumptive of
their falshood proof positive of their not being believed to be true
by him whose by whom who resorts to such means for engaging men
to profess a belief in their being true them and thus for
proof presumptive of their not being actually true
but to a degree of absurdity false: and thence of
their not being believed to be true by the a person who
by such means is induced to profess his believing them to believe them true
true. That by means of reward or punishment
a man should be made really and immediately to believe the truth of
a thing which he believes to be false or vice versa a is On any other ground within
not possible in any single instance.(a). What by such
(a) Propose to a man
the experiment: to disbelieve
the existence of
the chair in which he
is sitting, or the existence
of two other men

means it is possible to make a man do is 1. to
refrain from declaring his disbelief of it. 2. to make
him declare a his belief in it. 3. to make him turn
instantly aside from all consideration tending to confirm him in
his disbelief of it 4 to look out for and fix his attention
on all considerations tending to induce him to believe
in it: especially authority, by an instrument by what
in so many instances men have contrived to force themselves
into the belief of propositions in despite repugnancy of the concomitant conflicting
evidence of their own senses

3. In law thus established,
he beholds
shame, punishment, far beyond any
ordinary non-capital punishment,
or attached to
sincerity; reward, in
the largest masses, to
absurdity and insincerity.

Presumption resulting
from such application
of reward and punishment
to engage men to declare
assent to given propositions
1. The proposition not
believed by the proposer
2. — thence not true.
3. — thence not believed
by the acceptor

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