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22 July 1810 1810 July 22 34
Ch. Authority worshippers
§.4. Churchmen's sinister interest


Those abuses where their interest to contribute to the perpetuation of
and for that purpose is all followers
to support that one a person
influence of such followers

4. (1) Perpetuation of immorality in the shape of solemn insincerity
(2) perpetuation of absurdity in matters in subjects of highest importance
(3) extortion practised upon the many for the benefit of a
few — (4) in the distribution of rewards the matters, idleness and
incapacity preferred to [laborious ability and useful talent]
rare talents laboriously employed in public service
(5) the of corruption poured in a copious and
uninterrupted stream into hands constantly occupied
in the application of them to that purpose — (6) a vast
majority of the pe
in one of the three kingdoms a vast majority kept in a
state of humiliation debasement depradation and avowed humiliation
to no other purpose than to secure the
continuation of the other abuses just mentioned — these
are the abuses in the defence of which men
of the description in question are inlisted and engaged
as .

4. Abuses in the defence
of which Churchmen
are inlisted
1 Perpetuation of immorality
in the shape
of insincerity.

2 — of absurdity
on subjects of the
highest importance

3. Extortion on many
for benefit of few

4. Reward to idleness
and incapacity
in preference to
labour and ability

5. Matter of corruption
applied to that purpose
in vast quantity

6. In one of three kingdoms
a vast majority
kept in degradation
avowedly for no other
than the above purposes

(7) But whosoever is engaged by interest stet in the support of
any one abuse of in government (it has been already shewn)+ is engaged by
+ Ch
interest in the support of every other abuse that remains
or shall be introduced in government has place or is destined in future to have place

since whoever has one interest in the support of
any one such abuse will, unless by his own might unassisted power
he is enabled to support it, look out of course for
support from all other quarters from which support is
promised to it: the result of which is that for the sake
of giving finding effectual support for the abuse in which he
himself is specially
interested, each will
lend his support to
every abuse in which
support of which
any other person
member of the confederacy
is interested.

But (v. supra
whoever is by interest
engaged in the support
of any one government
abuse is so
in the support of all:
each giving to the others
his support in exchange
for theirs.

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