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22 July 1810 1810 July 22 35
Ch. Authority worshippers
§.4. Churchmen's sinister interest


5 But in whatsoever shape abuse presents itself
it is among its common characteristic properties not only to be served
by fallacies, and but to stand in need of every whatsoever support
that it is in the power of fallacy to afford
to it. It is therefore the interest of every man who
the class of persons men in question, and in general
of every man who belongs to it, to give on every occasion whatsoever
currency it is and efficiency it is in his power
to give to fallacy in every shape: and this not
only to such particular fallacies by by of every such form which alone the
abuses in which, as above, he has a specially special
interest can receive immediate service, are served, but to all
fallacies from which abuse in any shape can receive
derive support.

5 It being a characteristic
of abuse to
need and receive
support from fallacy,
it is the interest of
every man who derives
profit from abuse
in any shape, to
give the utmost currency
to fallacy
in every shape: viz
as well those which
render more particular
service to others' abuses
as those which render
do to his own.

6. It being his interest to give the utmost degree of
currency and efficiency to all fallacies the tendency of which
is to give protection to support abuse, it is his interest to promote
that system plan of education whatsoever it be, the
tendency of
which with the strongest degree of efficiency may most efficiently effectually
tends to dispose men the mind to the acceptance and propagation
of fallacies: which in the most efficient degree may most effectually
tends to divest men as well of their power as
of the will to either discover detect their title to that denomination character detect fallacies
or to profit by the discovery of detection when made by others eyes
and consequently to discourage and if possible suppress
every system and course and species of education the tendency of which tends
which is in any degree to preserve men from the influence
such delusions.

6. It being each man's
interest to give the
utmost support to
abuse, and the utmost
currency to
fallacy in every
shape, thence to
give the utmost efficiency
to the system
of education by which
men are most effectually
disposed to the
acceptance and propagation
of fallacies
most effectually divested
both of power and will
to detect and expose fallacies
to suppress every

system of education, in proportion as it has a contrary tendency.

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