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11 June 1811 35 39
Ch. Authority-worshippers
§.5. Prevalence Cause

2? 6

1. In the House of [Lords or] Commons as in the Opera House a
man takes his seat each time that more amusement is
offered promised there than elsewhere, and at no other.

10 or 3
1. In both a man
takes his seat there
only when he can
not find more amusement

2. For a seat in the House of Commons as at the Opera House
the same qualifications f are necessary as at the
Opera House, a ticket begged or bought.

11 or 4
2. In both, qualification
the same —
a ticket begged or

In the House of Commons a man sits

3. With the art any such art or science as the
art or science of legislation government in any of its branches not much acquaintance
is necessary to understood to be necessary; to enable a
man to take his occupy a seat in the Opera House: but quite
as much to enable him to take occupy a seat in
the House of Commons.

12 or 5
3. In neither is
any acquaintance
with the science of
legislation necessary

In the Opera House a man does not feel himself the
bound by weight of any obligations other than that of
abstaining from every thing that may by which
annoyance or disturbance may be given to the ease
and convenience of the company present: of these same
obligations and no other does a man feels the weight with in respect
of his a seat in the House of Commons.

13 or 6
4. In neither is a
man charged with
any obligation
other than the negative
one of not
being a nuisance
to the company.

In the Opera House a the length and frequency
of his attend presence is depends altogether on his own conception
of what would be most agreeable to himself, in that single conception
unmixt with any considerations of a public
nature:] in that single conception, with the exception of such
Members whose votes are at the command of those to whose power it is
they owe their duty
their acknowledged duty
and their pretended determination
to apply a
controul — on that single
conception, in its most
perfect purity, short and
casual occasions excepted or not excepted, depends the length and frequency of the same mans attendance in the House

14 or 7
In both the length
as well as number
of attendances depends
on the amusement
a man
(Except in the case of
the House the number
dependent on the Crown.)

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