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11 June 1811 39
Fallacies 9
Ch. Authority-worshippers
§.5. Prevalence Causes?
Member = Emperor

2 10

26 or 7
7. By being a despot
the Emperor is not an
impostor: — the Member

7. An Emperor of Morocco is a despot, but by being
so he is not The Coat of an impostor. A Every borough-holding Member of Parliament
to the with a fraction of a despot adds incloses the whole covers the entire of an impostor.
To no sort of man can the odium whatever odium is capable
of attaching itself to the name of an impostor be more
strictly due.

27 or 8
8. The Emperor
pretends not to be a
trustee, agent, deputy
delegate, representative:
[Lying is not among
the accompaniments of
his tyranny and

The Member does,
and (if a Borough
holder) lies.

8 The Emperor of Morocco pretends not to be either
trustee or agent for, or deputy or delegate of, or representative
of, or dependent on the people over whom he
rules. Lying is not among the accompaniments of
his tyranny and his insolence.

A Member of the House of Commons even of the
borough-holding tribe ceases not to the stile himself on every convenient occasion a trustee
an agent for a deputy a delegate a representative
nay or even a deputy, a delegate of, nay even a
dependent on the people over whom he rules. Lying is
among the perpetual accompaniments of his tyranny
and his insolence.

28 or 9
1. A trust-holder? Yes:
but a trust-breaker.
2. An Agent? Yes: but
for himself.
3. A representative of
the people? Yes: but
as Mr Thimble is
of Macbeth.

If by a trustee is be meant a trust holder, so indeed he is
in fact of right, but in fact as continually a trust-breaker
If an Agent, so indeed he is of right, but in fact an
agent for himself, when an agent not for but against the
people over whom he rules. If he be a representative
of the people or any part of the people, those excepted
with in conspiracy with whom he thus rules over the people, he is the representative
of the people, as Mr actor the player who plays Iago is the representative
of Iago, his will as faithful a copy of their will his character
of their character — his
interest in unison
with their interest.

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