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1819 Aug. 25
Ch. Cause & Obstacle Confounders


2. So do of the House of Lords

2. Next as to the House of Lords. To shew in what
way that portion of the power which rests in the hands of the
Monarch Lords, as such has with reference to the good effect in question operated
as a cause, is not possible — to shew in what way it has
operated as an obstacle is altogether easy. The interest of
that body and thence of every individual belonging to it stands
in a state of undeniable opposition to the universal interest.
Their interest is to have in their own possession jointly and or
severally in the greatest quantity possible those good things
in the quantity of which the quantity of happiness is generally
understood to depend regarded as depending: and that therefore in the hands
and for the use of which those by whom those means of happiness
have been produced the quantity remaining unseized by them should
at all times be as small as possible

That for no other cause than merely that they are Lords
money's worth ought to be taken out of exacted from the hands of those by whose
labours it has been produced, to be put into the hands — not only
of the Lords themselves, but of other persons connected with them by the
ties of natural consanguinity and alliance, has been openly
awarded by the official advocates of both parties in the State,
first by Edmund Burke for the Tories, Whigs, and then by George Race for the Tories+.
The phrase employed as a pretence for this exaction is — support of dignity. But thus
to vindicate the exaction is to vindicate one abuse by another.
The dignity being hereditary and factitious, and with the exception of that person
in the line on whom it was in the first instance conferred being
without so much as the pretence of meritorious service rendered
to the public involves in it the groundless depression of all those
who are not raised in the scale of estimation by the same
mechanical process: and when there is a exists the pretence, in most cases
it will be seen that instead of service, injury to the universal interest has
been the consideration by which the generation manufacture has been produced.

+ Defiance of Economy
against Burke. Defiance
of Economy against Race

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