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9 July 1811 1811 July 9 §.4
Fallacies Rudiments
Ins or Eitherside
Ch. Causes & Obstacles
§.4.3. Virtue — Universities


1. Int. 2. Purposes . 3.
4. independent on learning. 5. In prizes, useful topics students
6. Legislation improvement on. 7. & distinction in common places encouraged
8. Installation, an adulation contest.

§.4. Example 3d. Virtue and learning — English Universities — the cause
minds emasculated — moral

What knowing them a man might make sure that a set of
propositions drawn up Ao 1564 would contain every thing disgraceful
to head and heart — looseness membership of interpretation
and by every look this anticipation would be confirmed

Thus when it it is for preferment-hunting and acquaintance-thinking,
that youth are sent to our English University: for learning to a Section.

Every Test is a reward for insincerity: punishment for sincerity,
transgression indiscoverable — being undiscoverable.

Put perjury scale before subscription, or give
proof of that insincerity which in the case
of subscription might be desired.

If it produces no insincerity it produces nothing
and is of no use: for by such assertion produced by such , real
opinion can not be changed.

If sincerity be not only a virtue but the basis of all the rest
if in the sense of justice depends of one another or the regard had to truth

(as of successful insincerity no evidence injustice becomes a necessary consequence)
then of a and honest man to find in an English University
it must be not because but notwithstanding he was
furniture function of their minds a f of fallacies.

Faith scriptured means — not credulity but attachment.
By Water bodily contamination may be washed away, but
by no water — no, never by spirit — will away mental contamination
be thus expelled.

Like habitual docu habitual perjuries fly to vanity
of thought for relief.

It is the depravity, thus rooted in the cradle of instruction
that makes every endeavour to serve the country and master mankind
in its most important interests such uphill work — it is all against
the grain

It is in these schools of legislation that men learn that
the life of the subject, ought instead of being dis upon
by the cognizible letter of the law, ought to d for ever
backed up in the within the in receptacle that contains
the incognizible, and arbitrarily variable will and pleasure of the Judge.

Thus trained up in that sort of principle, under which knows no virtue which knows
nothing is the virtue but obsequiousness, no nothing vice but sincerity and

In this nursery s serving is found reared nurtured the Judge, who &c
— the Member of Parliament, who &c.

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