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20 July 1810 9

Cause and Obstacle
Universities I. Virtue


10(a) continued
4. It. p. 250 Words
of the Oath in Latin
for a Scholar.

5. Do in English
for a "privileged
"person" (not a scholar).

6. Tit 14. & 15 pp
169 & 181. De moribus
conformandu protubit

indifferent things in
abundance — — all of
them in conflict and
universal practice.

This Oath In p. 250 is given "The Oath at the matriculation
of a Scholar." Tu fict It is in these words
But of the ceremonial employed in the university
Tu fictum dubis (why not das?) ad observandum
a descriptions are given on other occasions: and
Universitatis Oxon.
it consists in saying "I swear it I promise

the swearer at the same time touching the book

Next follows The Oath at the Matriculation of a Privileged
of the Holy Gospels with the use of his hands, and
Person. It seems to be intended from literal translation of the
kissing it with his lips.
above Latin Oath. You shall swear to observe all Statutes
Privileges, and Customs of this University: So help you.
But of the sacro-sanct Gospels of Christ or the touching of them, [let the learned say why]
(for the reason of the difference
of the learned) nothing
in the case of those
lay and profane
persons nothing is
here said.

When under the title, De vistitu a habitu Scholastico
(Tit. 14) and De moribus conformanidis (Tit. 15).
(pages from 165 to 181 inclusive) one comes we come to look for
a description of the sorts of acts they are made to abstain
from doing we find it comprehending almost every
thing they do. 1. They are not to walk up and down the
streets (p. 170): 2 they are not to go into to abstain from the entering going into any private
House or Shops of the Town's people: 3 and whether the
House be an honest House or a Baw House in which
prostitutes are bred/had or received the penalty is the same
if the offender be an Under Graduate, what the Vice Chancellor or
Proctor or Proctors, by whom he is taken in the fact, pleases, if a
Graduate, 3s. 4d: 4 but if it be by night, be the House
of good or evil fame, the offender Under Graduate or Graduate
he pays 40s.(pp. 171. 173): so that 5 it is an offence six twelve times
as heavy to be found by night in an honest house
as by day in a bawdy house.

6 They are not to walk about in the streets (p. 170: nor to
be seen standing at or in shops or work shops.

7 They are not to abstain from going not to go into public
houses of every description p. 172 and those in particular in
which wine is sold as in all coffee-houses which not
to speak of Inns are constantly served with them.

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