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24 July 1810 11
Note continued
Ch. Cause and Obstacle
§ Universities. I. Virtue

4 4 4

This p great for the Coronation Oath

8. Among the Statutes
the observance of which
is then sworn to are
some which not being
in print are never
seen. No reason assigned
for the difference

14 Of the Statutes all which to the observance of which the oath are is sworn
to observe some are in print, and others not: those
which are in print are put into his hands: those
which are not in print he never sees. No reason is
assigned for the difference

8. When fresh statutes
are passed, the oath
does it extend to them
or not? If yes, these
are laws made with on
the ground of maturer
and more apposite
experience deprived of
a sanction applied
to the others: —
if no, then the Oath
applies to Statutes
unknown, however
unfit for observance
they may prove.

15 While a matriculated person gov Under
-Graduate or Graduate, is still at the University, fresh
statutes are made for call upon statutes made subsequently
to his taking of this oath call upon him for his
observance. The oath does it not extend to those
subsequent statutes? if so then are the statutes of later
time made upon improved experience deprived of a
sanction which to the statutes if of made upon less
experience were are deemed necessary. If yes it does extend
to them, then is the young man made to swear to do
whatsoever it may happen to him to be commanded
to do by this local and subordinate authority, whatsoever
it may happen to it to be, and without knowing
what it is.

10. Suppose Parliament
to forbid what these Statutes
order or vice versa:
here then is an Oath imposed by Church
to disobey King in Parliament

The King in Parliament forbids what this holy second legislation
commands, or vice versa. What is a man to do?
If he disobeys the King in Parliament he is punished
as Parliament directs. If he obeys the King in Parliament,
he is damned: or undergoes whatsoever it
may be, the future punishment ordained for perjurers.

11 Catholics notwithstanding
their protestations to the
contrary are accused of
setting up spiritual authority
in opposition to temporal.

The Catholics contrary to their most solemn and continual
declarations are accused of setting up spiritual
authority in opposition to temporal. In any instance
is a Catholic made to bind himself upon oath to any
such blind obedience as a man is here made to bind
promise upon oath
by these Reverend

Does a Catholic by any
oath blind
to such and continually

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