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1821 March 18

§.2. Blind Job-Denouncers


In this case the argument runs stands thus: Antecedent. From
the transaction in question, this individual receives or expects
to receive good to himself: Consequent, therefore to the in respect of the community:
or this or that other party whole of its effects taken together it is a bad one.

If taken by itself this argument were in any one instance a good
one, a justly conclusive one, so would it in every other instance
that could be mentioned: a general consequence would be
that between man and man no free transaction
can ever have place, but it must be a bad one. For the
in no instance can any transaction have place in no instance
can any human action in any shape have place, but that has not had the prospect of benefit
in some shape or other to the agent — of good in some
shape or other for its aim.

The ignorance which in this case is so apt to
have place, is apt to present itself in the character of discernment and knowledge of human nature: to present in the first place to the him itself
author by whom of the argument or observation, in the is uttered, in
the place to those by whom it is accepted in whose instance it finds obtains acceptance.

The ignorance consists in the not knowing that the which
is thus regarded
influence alledged to be in the instance in
question exercised over of conduct and language by self-regarding
interest is by the universally structure of the human
mind exercised in every instance without exception in every
human mind although at the same time with dif different degrees of efficiency
in infinite number it operates on different minds, degrees
altogether incapable of being expressed, and in any instance capable of
being reached otherwise than by conjecture having the general conduct
of the individual for its ground or source

It is in consequence virtue of this ignorance that in the
instance of this or that individual person or this or that individual occasion,
the fact that his conduct has been determined by the force
of self-regarding interest is presented in view in the character of a discovery,
a discovery which in the extent of novelty and scale of ingenuity may be
placed in a line with
that of his having a
head upon his shoulders.

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