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4 July 1810

Ch. Posterity

4 13

2. In the case of a contract with any portion of his
own in which the other contracting party consisted
of some portion individual or individuals of the number of his own subjects, found as
well as left in that state the state of subjects by the contract and
in that same state left by it, there would seems no not
to be room for any considerable considerably pernicious trick to
exercise manifest display itself. Suppose a discovery made of
Subsequently to the making of this entering into a contract of this sort
suppose a discovery made of this or that instance in
which an adher by a correct an exact execution of the agreement engagement on
the part of the pu government the public would sustain
some unthought of inconvenience, to the other party while by the other private
party within no benefit at all would be derived from
that inconvenience be derived or that
from that
same source no bene advantage at all or no equal advantage
would to the other, the private party be derived.

Cases of this sort might probably be found in abundance,
In any such case no scruple objection, it
is supposed, would be entertained scarce any started, to against
a departure from the contract to the degree necessary to
for the exempting preserving the public from such this unthought of inconvenience.
On behalf of the private party, all that would be claimed called for
would be an compensation equivalent in some other shape: and
something that was looked upon as such considered as constituting an adequate
compensation would be given as matter of course.
The same course would in this case be pursued, as in the
continually-recurring case of land or other property taken
from individuals for some branch this or that branch of the public service; or
even for the no more cogent purpose than the conferring bestowing a supposed benefit to a supposed greater amount on some other individual or individuals.

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