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16 July 1811 17

V. ad superstitionem
Ch. 2. Jephthah's Vow
§.2. Coronation Oath


Such oaths are the name of in

34 or 13

That, in the exercise of
his legislature, King
is bound to pursue
his own judgment
contrary to that of Parlt.
is a construction
repugnant to the
most notorious and
anxious wish of this
very King (William)
as well as the majority
in both Houses: viz.
that of maintaining
Protestantism against
all its those dangers.

If such were the construction put upon this third clause,
that by force and virtue of it, in his endeavour "to maintain
"the laws of God, the true profession of the Gospel and the Protestant
"reformed religion established by law" the King
were ought to hold himself not only at liberty, but bound to pursue
his own judgment however contrary to the
judgment of those his legitimate advisers, nothing no construction could
be more adverse to the most especial and anxious wish
with which in the hearts of the majority of both Houses, as
well as that of the King himself are so well known
to have been chiefly occupied but been holding occupying the highest place at that very time place on that very occasion and
and this was the maintaining the Protestant reformed religion against
all such designs as that from which it had so narrow an

35 or 14
To the Catholic purposes
of James, 2d
or 3d nothing could
have been more favourable:
neither need
have scrupled to take
the oath: even without
a Jesuit:
1. Laws of God — yes
2. True profession of the
Gospel — yes
3. Protestant reformed
religion — yes: viz.
had it not been repugnant
to God's Law
and Gospel: but it
being so I can not
maintain this one part
of the oath without violating
the two more natural

Suppose a Catholic King in as our Suppose a James the 2d or 3d, or any other King with
a Catholic heart mounting at any time the throne. What
form of words more favourable to his purpose need he require?
Here (says he) and without aid of a Jesuit Privy Counsellor at his elbow,
here (says he) are three things which are far as they can
be maintained together, I am sworn to maintain, viz.
the laws of God, the true profession of the Gospel, and the
Protestant Reformed Religion established by law? unfortunately
to maintain them all together is impossible.
The laws of God, yes, and so accordingly I will: the true
profession of the Gospel, yes again: but the protestant
reformed religion reformed as they call it, and which
is so unhappily established by law, it is in a state of
perpetual repugnancy to them both. Of the oath then to keep
inviolate all these parts is impossible: what then remains
possible and at the same time proper and advisable? — to
maintain those two parts which together are not only are together
double in number but superior, each, of them in dignity.
The laws of God! the
profession of the Gospel!
where is their equal?
what shall come in
competition with them?

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