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6 July 1811 30 20

V. ad superstitionem
Ch. 1
§. Demand plausible, when
2. Grant of privilege

23 or 17 or 4

or 34 or 7
2. — Privileges to
certain subjects.

Aggregate happiness
about to be its
, no such
particular privilege
ought to have been granted.

Aggregate happiness
not about to be increased
by revocation,
while a p, no
such revocation ought
to take place.

Unless in case of
revocation adequate
compensation be here
also made, aggregate
happiness is not increased
by it, the happiness
of the portion
being as great as part
of the aggregate happiness
as that of any
other portion of equal

3. Grant of privileges from the sovereignty to a portion of
the community in the character
particular class of subjects.

If by the in the grant here in question the affect
foreseen affect at the time was the making any clear defalcation
from the aggregate happiness of the community as
above, it ought not at that time to have been made.

On the other hand Nor on the other hand in the contrary case as little ought an

[And] Moreover on the other hand unless the as to the any proposed change from or an occasion
of the it a clear addition in some shape or other
to the that aggregate mass be the sufficiently probable result
the change itself consisting in the abolition of the contract or some alteration
made in the effect of it, ought not to have been made.
And by the supposition that portion of the community in
which had been a party to the contract being as
much a portion, and numbers of the individuals being the
as large a portion of the community as any other
composed of equal numbers, the supposed advantage supposed to accrue to the
whole community taken in the aggregate could not
accrue to it but on the further supposition that for any disadvantage
resulting to the such contracting portion adequate
compensation has been made.

or 35 or 6
Under this head are
comprized the ordinary
contracts for labour
or given for the service
of the public

Under this head is are included all those more particular
cases which exhibit the sovereignty [in the act of] contracting
with this or that individual or assemblage of individuals, for
money or money's worth to be supplied or service in this
or that other shape rendered, on the other.

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3 grant of privileges from the sovereignty to a particular class of subjects


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