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1811 June 28 + + X K 6

ad superstitionem
Ch. 2. Posterity Chainers
§.2. Exposure
C application
1. Incorporate Unions

1 1


§10. Cases favourable to the application of this Device. 1. Incorporate
Union — continued.

49 or 21 or 13 or 1
Case of the incorporate
union opportunity
affords for the perpetuation
of abuses by means
of the principle of immutability.
This a
fine occasion for lawyers.

The case of an incorporate union presents a most convenient
opportunity for the perpetuation confirmation of abuses. Thence it
is that a noble field particularly favourable field is opened for the activity of lawyers
There it is that Lawyers will in their day reap get in their share of harvest, lawyers there it is that
the hand of the lawyer is busily employed in the sowing of the

50 or 22 or 14 or 2
Sole real use of a
promising compact -quillizing apprehensions
in both kingdoms
particularly the senior
viz. by prosecution vested
security against
the sacrifice of
hands of their own countrymen
the probable hands
have been indicated by
experience: which
do in the foreign
hands in question no
equal security has

The A real use, and the only real case is, as already
observed the tranquillizing the subjects inhabitants of the minor Kingdom State, by
saving them from the apprehension of seeing being overloaded by their interests
sacrificed in an unequal degree to those of the major states:
and for this purpose, as also observed the expressions used employed
can not never be too general.
matters of
unless the subject
of finance be an

51 or 23 or 15 or 3
[For this purpose, as
above, no terms can
be too general."

But on the part of the subjects of the minor state both states, and
especially of the subjects of the minor state, fear and suspicion
apprehension of inconvenience in a variety of shapes
naturally have place: more especially on the part of the
subjects of the minor state, who see themselves on the point
of passing from out of the hands of a set of rulers a set of hands
whose imperfection whatsoever they may be, are at any
rate known to them, to whose imperfections
the amount of whose mismanagement a sort of limit
has been marked out by experience into these a set of
hands to the probable amount of possible and probable degree of mismanagement no
determinate limit can be found.

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49 or 21 or 13 or 1 - 51 or 23 or 15 or 3



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cases favourable to the application of the device - i - incorporate union - continued


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