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28 June 1811 8

— ad superstitionem


56 8
strange opposition of
his attempt to find
in this same an
unsurmountable bar to
the reform of Church
abuses in the major

An ordinary measure of blindness or assurance would not have
sufficed for any such attempt as that of applying making out the
same quibble of a an instrument for binding
in the chains of everlasting and irremediable abuse the
official establishment or any part of the official establishment
of the major state

57 9
(Natural connection
between cruelty and
1. By cowardice danger
is exaggerated: cruelty
seeks advantage of the
2. Cruelty, rather than
mass its gratification,
discerns itself so far
as to put on the mask
of cowardice.)

This requisite necessary qualification was however found in the mind of Blackstone.
Between timidity and cruelty the connection is in several
respects points a natural one. In the
On the one hand Proportioned to the magnitude of a mans fears is the expence
he is willing to see bestowed in the shape of human misery sufferer
of misery understand that is to be borne felt endured by others for the purchase of that suffering which is to find some one other than himself to bear it
of that misery and of their degree of supposed security which they look to as sufficient shall sufficient to put set them at rest.
On the other hand, hatred, rather than not gorge itself
hatred rather than lose any part of the gratification for miss of any of the food it longs for.
which it thirsts, well pertains to humble itself to such a degree
will frequently, such is its humility, put on the mask of cowardice.

58 10
Absurdity of the
supposition of any
such danger event as that
to which the perpetuation
clause is proposed represented
as a uniform
remedy — 45 Scotch
Presbyterians to out
vote and overpower
513 Church of England
Mischief of it —
1. Con reward to service
2. Producing instead of preventing
services —
3. Easing the people of the
expence of

But for the security afforded by a legislative compact,
five and forty Scotch Presbyterians could having, nobody
could say how soon, out voted and over powered
513 English Church-of-England-men, would have overthrown
the Church of England in England, substituting or not substituting the
Church of Scotland in its stead. To Remuneration Pay The matter of reward might be
might in the application of it be confined to service, the in the mode of application might
be such as to be promotive instead of being obstructive of service as to produce service instead of preventing it
from the expence of such part portions as in their application
tended rather to the prevention than to the increase of service, the
people might be cured.

a seat in the theatre
of supreme power might
be no longer be stand annexed
to the pretension profession of experiencing,
and the practice
of an
inexplicable volume.

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