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28 June 1811 9

ad superstitionem


59 or 11
According to Blackstone
if the 513
Members were to join
in stating to the 45
Scotch a desire to
extend to England the
benefit of the superior
management of Scotland
in Ecclesiastical
matters, the Scotch
45 ought to cry out
against the plan as
a perfidious scheme
for the oppression of

For security against these all such horrors there was but one
adequate remedy, viz. a an law by which the 558 513 English Members
should [as well as the 45 Scotch Members] be debarred precluded
and estopped and debarred precluded for ever from making any alteration whatsoever
in the ecclesiastical part of the official establishment
of England and the system of opinions and ceremonies
connected with it. This bar accor was accordingly
discovered descried by Blackstone in the Act of Union by which the
Government of Scotland was incorporated with that of England

Suppose the Addressing themselves to the 45 Scotch [Members
suppose the 513 English Members were to say speak to
some such effect as the following this
Judging by experience the writ of instruction that is connected with On the subject of religion
judging from the experience of a century, it appears to us that
instruction is on your plan afforded not only with much better effect but at
a much cheaper rate [on your plan] than on ours. Join
with us then, if such be your pleasure in communicating to our part of the population us and ours the
fruit of your probity and your wisdom. benefit fruit of that probity and wisdom [+] of
which with so happy
a result has been
made manifest to
both nations by

your progenitors and predecessors.

What To a proposition of this nature according to Blackstone ought to be the return answer
of made by the 45 Scotch Members to this any such tribute of esteem
and admiration? A scream of horror — and a
charge complaint remembrance of tyranny and oppression aggravated by breach of faith.

Perfidious men! was it to expose ourselves us their posterity to such
injuries that one our Ancestors gave up their independence.

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