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4 July 1811 11

V. ad superstitionem


Attempt at perpetuation a disease they are all government — subject
to on all those occasions. Incorporative the most favourable.

or 5
But in case a
where the characteristic contract
which is in its nature
indefeasible is once
executed, defeasibility
attaches as property
upon all acts of
the new compound
government as upon
those of the component
old ones.

But though in this case the the effect of the of the all comprehensive law by which the two
sovereignties are melted down into one is not itself defeasible,
such is the nature of the law uniting incorporative law — [of the
law by which the two sovereignties are being melted down into
one — are
being consumed, a new one is formed made to arise out of their
ashes of it, that the effect of it is perpetual — and that not
defeasibly but indefeasibly perpetual, yet the new
sovereignty which is thus formed at the no being in its nature in the respect
in question nothing different from any other any ordinary
sovereignty on which no such operation had been performed,
the principle of defeasible perpetuityy is the principle
on which its subsequent laws will naturally be established
which in the establishment of its several successive
laws will be as naturally be conformed to, as it naturally
was is the case of either of the two incorporated sovereignties
at all times to the act of incorporation
as it was in the time and in the case of either of the united component sovereignties

or 6
A straining To convert such
defeasible into
indefeasible perpetuity
is a disease
to which every
where the body politic
is subject.
Formation of an
incorporative union
is an occasion
peculiarly favourable
to it. Such
(See )

But while in respect of duration the principle of defeasible perpetuity is
on all these occasions in respect of duration the principle most natural as
most natur rational fit and the most likely to be pursued,
yet in all those cases the endeavour a sort of straining
to convert the defeasible into an indefeasible perpetuity
is a sor is a to is a sort of disease disorder
to which in all countries the body politic is subject:
and to the growth birth of it the occasion of an incorporative
union is as will be there will presently be occasion to
observe in a peculiar degree favourable.

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