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4 July 1811 July 4 + + C F 12
Fallacies Fallacies

V. ad superstitionem
Ch. 2. Posterity Chainers

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§.6. Fallacy — how included in the attempt to question nullify future laws.

or 7
Considitur what
is done in this case
by the sovereign is
not argument nor
therefore fallacy.

Towards the producing of this effect whatsoever is done
by the sovereignty itself by the a sovereign legislature
itself acting as such is indeed not an argument
and therefore not a fallacy.

Under the denomination of a fallacy nothing (it must be admitted) can
with propriety be ranked, but what comes under the
denomination of an argument. An act by which legislative
power is exercised or endeavoured to be exercised,
is not itself an argument, and therefore can
not be itself a fallacy.

or 8
But in this case
it forms ground for
the fallacy.
1. Though the full
of such a design is
viz. for ever, is
impossible, yet
being endeavoured at
it may endeavour for an indefinite
time continue
and during that time
the fallacy may
be employed in the
support of it.

But on True: but on this occasion, room there are two cases on what ground
exists in which a an argument and thence a fallacy may be raised in two cases:

1. In the first place, if the state of things thus
attempted to be upholden upheld is in itself, besides being
an undesirable one an impossible one, on this supposition, in this case
even supposing the sovereignty in question to have
done its utmost to bring about establish to give establishment to such a state of things
any argument by which the actual establishment of it is assumed,
must in the eyes of by every person by to whom
the supposed assumed supposed fact presents itself as an impossible one, be considered
as fallacious.

or 9
2. Without any such
design on the part
of the sovereignty,
at the time,
the fallacy may
at a subsequent time
be employed in
the endeavour to
cause such design
to be

In the next place, the fallaciousness of the argument
will appear still more unequivocal, if
so it be, that in express terms no endeavour of this sort has been
employed by the legislature, and that by the argumentation
it is only in the way of inference that the existence on the part of the legislator
of any such attempt is endeavoured to be established.

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