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1819 Aug. 15 + 7
Fallacies ulto
Ch. Logical High-fliers
§. 2. Exposure


§. 2. Exposure

9 or 1
Exposure. Proved, by
the use of the fallacy,
whether laudative or
vituperative, the user
deceived or a deceiver
or both.

The particular object arrangement
good, to the universal
interest no service
by obtaining
approbation for bad
ones along with it
no service is done to
the universal interest:
but to the particular
interests served by the
bad ones, much service
is thus done:
because by this means
approbation may be
obtained for arrangements
too bad to
be defended under
their own names.

Of a man's being deceived, or of an endeavour
on his part to deceive others, or of both these facts together, there can scarcely
be a plainer a more conclusive proof piece of evidence than what is afforded
by the use of this fallacy, by the use of it in either of the
above words shapes — the laudative or the vituperative

If the individual object or species of objects in question
is good, there can be no good use in any bestowing laud
upon any genus within which it is contained, if so it be
that in that genus are contained what is bad as well bad and good together
as what is good: and such it will be seen is the case in
all each one of the above seven instances.

10 or 2
In so far as this effect
of serving as a cloak
for bad arrangements
as facts of being perceived by the
builder utterer of
the laudation or
vituperation, he acts
under deception
otherwise he is a self
-conscious deceiver.

But, for the purpose of obtaining for what that which in
each such genus is bad that approbation and attachment
which by the supposition is unmerited, and the bestowing entertainment of
which is accordingly an act state of things prejudicial to the universal
interest, that same indiscriminate undiscriminating laudation is not only in every
case a course only unquestionably serviceable conducive, but almost in many cases the only one
which is so. [In so far then as this mischievous property
of the instrument in question fails of being perceived by him
by whom it is thus employed, he is himself deceived he acts himself under deception: in so
far as it is perceived by him, his endeavour he possesses
the consciousness that of the course he is taking
the endeavour is to deceive others.

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