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1819 Aug. 15 9

Ch. Logical High-fliers


Foul spot a covering. Arrangements the works of law,

12 or 4
Distinguishible in all
these cases — 1 Foul spot
v. the abuse or system of abuse:
2. Cloak or cover, viz.
the cloudy appellative

In all these several cases two objects may be distinguished:
one which may be termed the foul spot;
namely, the according to the extent of it, abuse in this or
that particular shape, or the whole system of abuse: the other,
the cloak: the cloudy appellative employed as a
cloak or cover for the abuse..

13 or 5
Foul spot, determinate
and apparent, or unapparent
and undistinguishible

As to the foul spot it may be particular determinate and thence
apparent, or indeterminate, and thence unapparent and undistinguishable.

14 or 6
Cloak accordingly
general or special:
general applying
to all abuse: special
to particular do

So accordingly, on the other hand the cloak may be
either a general or a special one: a general one, applying
to abuse in all its forms; a special one, applying
to abuse in this or that particular form, more particularly
or even exclusively with reference to all others.

15 or 7
General Cloaks,
1. Government. 2. Law
3. Constitution. 3. English
4. Forms. 5. Order
6. Religion.

For example, turn to the above list. For cloaks, you
will see the words, Government, Law, Constitution (meaning the English
Constitution) English Institutions, Forms, Order, [alias Good
Order and Social Order,] Religion.

16 or 8
1. Works of Government
some good, some bad.
Eulogy on Government
a cloak to the bad.
2. So, Works of Law
3. So, Features of the
4. So, English Institutions

1 Among the works of
Government are all the laud good arrangements that can be
seen any where established; as so likewise and along with them all the bad ones. By the eulogy under
bestowed on Government, the word Government is made
or endeavoured to be made, to serve as a cloak to the
bad ones bad ones: and no sooner does a man bring to view any of the badness of
any of the bad ones, then he becomes an enemy to Government.

2 Among the works of Law in like manner
are all the good laws that can be seen any where established,
so likewise all the bad ones: here then are laws another
cloak for the bad ones: and another of the good sacred things
to which the reformist is an enemy.

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