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1819 Aug. 18


Text resumed

So vast is the amplitude capable of being being
given to the import of the word forms, that under the wing of
it no abuse so mischievous but may find protection. Under Within
the notion of idea attached to associated with the word Forms, though the word
is well is commonly added as if it designated something
not included under it, is included the idea associated to the word
Ceremonies. Ceremonies when in so far as performed by the free consent
and concurrence of the people at large are commonly either
useful or [at the worst] indifferent or indifferent [matters of indifference]. But when performed
ordained by government & by a government by which deception
is employed and relied as an instrument of depredation and oppression
they are almost in every instance without exception almost sure
to be no less mischievous, than were it not for self-partiality,
authority-worship and ancestor-worship ancestor-worship, +
+ in Ch Authority
worship; Ch. Ancestor

they would appear be deemed absurd. That, by a man's his having
had certain words said over him, a man has been made
to hold supernatural intercourses converse with the invisible Almighty
and thus his has been rendered nature has been to such
a degree changed as that before his mandates, on condition
of his pretending that they were taken from a certain book in
which as every body sees no such collections of words are to be found, the understandings
and wills of all other men ought, as the present Bishop of London assures his Clergy, to lie prostrate, is
a an imposture that by the help of certain ceremonies
has been attempted, and could hard without those instruments
of mischievous deception could hardly have been attempted. That by
the utterance of certain words, with cloathes of a certain
form upon his back, it was in a mans power to produce
rain and or sunshine, or so much as contribute in any the smallest degree
contribute to the production of rain and or sunshine is
a notion that if observed to be maintained among a set tribe of
men with black skins in Africa would be an object of universal
scorn and contempt, but which by such statesmen as the authors of
this speech would be numbered among is regarded as consecrated by those forms without the observance of which "the Constitution
could not be preserved.'

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