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1819 Aug. 17

Ch. Logical High fliers


It was by reverence for forms that + Honorable House was
+ 1817
led to regard itself safe in acquiescing in acceding to the declaration made decision pronounced
from the Chair thereof that when in the character of Petitioners
Englishmen had for the conveyance of their desires employed the
operations of the printing press their desires should be considered as never
having been expressed or as having been improperly expressed, and
the doors of the House shut against the instrument in and by which they were expressed, excluded from admission
to the House
. To abrogate in so far as the House depends upon the House is the quarter
addressed the right of petitioning , there needs but a p
decision or amendment from the same Chair, an amendment
adding to the words printing-press so small a word as the word
pen: and after the precedent thus set by the original decision
then a desire should any where have place to see a supplement decision to this effect added to it, this second
desire need not apprehend any greater difficulty as to the
obtaining its gratification than what was experienced by the first.

After this who need wonder whose ought to be the wonder if in consequence
and in consideration of the use made in this way of those forms, those
who would otherwise have been Petitioners may present themselves
in another char to the same official manufacturing of form under another name and in another
shape character. [You would not be addressed in printer's ink, behold
yourselves now addressed in blood:]
you would not see receive us in the
character of
suppliants, behold us now [in the character of]
avenging visitors: avengers: you would not suffer us to hope You
would not allow us the consolation of hope refused us hope: be now then
you now
behold us desperate. You would not be addressed by us in
ink: behold yourselves now addressed our approach now has now been marked in blood: [+]
[+] that if not a justifiable
retribution it
at any rate a
natural one

How far an
address of this sort would
in the eyes of a lover of his country
and mankind an address of this sort would be justifiable would depend upon circumstances.
But that should it ever be made it ought should not be unexpected, it should
not excite surprize, [++] may be affirmed with confidence.
[++] Look now to your
Villas — to your Country
Palaces, to your instruments
of endlessly diversified
luxury, p by bereaving
us of necessaries.

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