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1819 Aug. 26

In this fictitious tissue tissue of fiction is wrapt up another proposition position notion
which whatsoever be the security purchased by it, the payment
made is rather of the dearest. The Monarch Nothing
does the Monarch as such ever do but by the advice of others.
Not by his own understanding but by the understanding of some
one else is his will ever directed. A consequence is – here
comes another question. With reference to the functions in question Where is the fitness where the appropriate
aptitude of a man, who if he has an understanding of his own
is not permitted — dares not so much as pretend to trust to it. Such is either his
personal character or his situation
The man
on whose will the fate of so many millions of his fellow creatures
continually depending is not only declared but self confessed
to be if not in a state of idiotcy, at least in a state of perpetual
childhood. Can there be any need of this? can there be
any use in it? No: not in any constitution government actually constituted, and grounded in rational
[+] constituted by the light
of experience

principles. But in under an imaginary constitution which
exists no not being established at any time or place is not
to be seen any where, but [is has been made up by shreds of fictions]
a confused piece of patchwork without form or consistency
made up of fictions, this confession humiliating as it is must
be submitted to.

The President of the
American United States,
he is not impeccable:
he is not a driveller
having no understanding
of his own: he is
like another any other man
provided with an understanding
and responsible
for the use of it

Here then the distinction between self-formed and derivative
judgment — here then this distinction has not only has received
its exemplification and though this exemplification
its illustration and the proof of its existence, but has received been recognized the
sanction of the authority of government. Incapable of framing
on any part of the field of government a self-formed judgment, the
Monarch of the country — all most excellent and most religious as
he is, is in every part of that field reduced [I]
[I] to put his understanding
under tutelage,

to submitt act
upon no firmer ground than that of a derivative judgment.

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