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1819 Aug. 26

Ch. Logical High fliers
King a foreigner or

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In by his
is by : by

A circumstance by which the Monarch on the one hand
and his loving and admiring subjects on the other may in some
measure have been reconciled to his being dressed up in a state thus kept under the guidance
of a set of perpetual leading-strings is that of his its having been
for almost in the course of the two last centuries in so many instances a foreigner, and in one instance of the
weaker sex, misinformed of so many things facts of which to exercise
his function with advantage to those for whom he is in trust he
can not be too clearly, correctly and compleatly informed,
this circumstance he has been at once compelled to submitt himself and by being
compelled authorized justified in submitting himself his conduct to extraneous
guidance. Born in a foreign country — born the first of them
under to a sh in an aristocratical, the two others to a monarchical despotism
neither William the third nor George the first nor even George
the second could express themselves in any other than broken English.
To possess any chance of being criticism proof, neither
could the speeches delivered by them on solemn occasions
be delivered from their own mouths or be so much as understood
to have issued from been the production of their own pens. They were accordingly
not only in reality but [through necessity] even avowedly the speeches
of this or that official person — on the occasion in question
termed the Minister. From this circumstance an apparent
advantage was afforded to the interest of the people. In The speech
had it been the speech of the King's most Excellent Majesty Blackstone's God upon earth no fault
could have been found: to have pretended in black and white to find a fault would have
been not only libel and disaffection but a sort of blasphemy. But
the speech the speech although ally adopted by the King and given in all solemnity for his, and since the
accession of the first
native born King since
the Revolution delivered
by through his own lips

being discovered and admitted to have been but the speech
not live speech but that of the Ministry it remained still open to observation
subject only to the author's being punished as for the libel in the
event of the observation being to a certain degree displeasing to any of them
who were the subject; of it.

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