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1819 Aug 26

Ch. Logical High-fliers
§. King can do no wrong
King a foreigner or f

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The it must be an .

For the inaptitude thus imputed the above were but
incidental and temporary grounds and reasons. A permanent
On grounds too strong to admitt of contestation, it
may be seen demonstrated by permanent constantly existing and indelible reasons.

By the very situation For the functions attached to his situation in question itself, and in particular by the sort of education
which in that situation it is not possible he should not have
experienced, his mind is in both departments — that of the
will and that of the understanding — rendered unfit for use.
The mind of a man or woman human being born to a throne or so much as within
a prospect how distant so ever of a throne, is no more fit to act with, than the foot of a Chinese
female to walk with. Appropriate probity — appropriate intellectual
aptitude — appropriate active talent — in all these points which
are all there are of appropriate aptitude — he is sure to a certainty
and even more be preeminently deficient

1. As to appropriate probity by the first articulate sounds that
he hears salute his ears he is apt to assure himself that in comparison
with his royal self all the interests the other members of the community
are nothing worth put together are as dust in the balance. In every human being, by the
very constitution of his nature self-regard must be predominant,
but in him it is exclusive. In every other human situation it receives checks
from every one around him: but in this situation alone it receives
universal encouragement. On Among the earlier of his
lessons are the commentaries of Blackstone: and in the mirror
presented to him by the sycophant lawyer he learns is taught to worship
his own image.


That so many millions who submitt to be to such a degree
tormented that he alone may be comforted should be ever cease to be other than objects of
contempt to him is not possible.

No man can be ruler to certain place to
carried on an object of contempt

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