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1819 Aug. 27
Tory & Whig Fallacies

Ch. Matchless Constitution


A point of time might be imagined and assumed
at which without doing any contributing any thing to the
rendering their condition of the people better, the influence of
the people was sufficient to prevent its being made worse:
and here then would the equipoise the state of things equipoise which if any
thing men have had in view when with such demonstration of satisfaction, they have spoken of the
balance of the Constitution or of a balance as having place
amongst the powers contained in it. But whatsoever be
that point the inutility of it the assumption to every practical purpose
would stand unquestionable: if at that moment it were in the
power of the people to stop the Constitution in its downhill
course, the very next moment that power would be have been at an
and for ever at an end.. For that moment the weights in
the antagonizing scales would have been equal: but the by the
very next moment an additional weight is placed in the
scale of the Crown.: more matter expended on waste
and all that waste operating in the shape of sinister
influence: Suppose in one setting a bill thrown out having
for its object the an addition to the quantity of waste; the comes
the next session, and as soon as the Session comes the Bill

In a gross way but in a way sufficiently correct for the
present purpose, the as between and : the relative quantity of the national debt represents the
relative quantity of the matter of waste of which together with
the matter of necessary expenditure the quantity of the matter of
corruption is composed of c of sinister corruptive influence opposed to the legitimate
influence of the people is composed

At any time, Debt say 200 millions: standing army
20,000: at another time, Debt 800, millions, standing army
80 100,000.[+]
[+] To any such purpose effect
as that of an equipoise
of powers,

Is there any identity equivalency — I had almost said is there any
resemblance between the Constitution at these two periods?

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