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25 June 1810

Ch. Ins fallacies causes


In a community
every member has
his interests: viz:
1. his share in the
common interest
2. his separate do.

In every community every each member has an interest a share in a common interest
which is belongs in common to him with every other the rest: every
member has another interest or set of interests which
is peculiar to himself: every less extensive minor set of men
in the instead is in the whole community has and connected with
each other by any particular bond of interest
connection has an interest or set of interests
which though with
reference to the interest
of the whole it is a
particular, and as
far as opposed to it
a sinister one, yet
with reference to
those who thus share in it
it is a common one

This share is the
common interest a
man shews like
his face: his private
he keeps covered.

The common interest every man shews on all
puts forward on all occasions along in company with as he would his face:
the other, except on any particular occasion such for
example as chirugical ones decency and prudence
unite in recommending it to every a man to keep as compleatly out of
sight as much as possible.

In those his speeches
a King is made
not only to affirm
the existence of his
share in the common
interest but to disaffirm
his having
any private interest

In this our country as long as Kings' speeches
have been in use, his or her Majesty has been in use to the habit of
t insist more or less in most if not all of them
on that common extensive interest which belongs to him in
common with all that hear him his auditors: and thus far nothing
can be more proper, or more unexceptionable.
But by so plain and familiar a truth the ambition
of the compositor can not always satisfied. In his eye It is not
enough that this conciliating and confidence-inspiring
interest be held up to view: he goes further and
roundly denies the existence of any every other. I
have one interest other not I never can have any other
interest than that of my people. Applause follows of
course. The sentiment being so generous so affectionate,
no man can have the heart all eyes shrink from so invidious a task as to s criticize rate with it.
But if it were looked into that of criticizing it with any the slightest degree
of attention it were looked to into in point of correctness it
would be found a counterpart equivalent to a declaration to this effect
My Lords and Gentlemen, I have not, I never can have
any such part belonging
to me, as that without
which the ablest [and
most experienced] among
you all would find
it matter of no small
difficulty to take his seat.

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