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Feb. 1811 §. 2. E

11 Aug. 1819. Quere whether to insert this?

In a lawyer,
sympathy for misery
extends not to suitors
or clients, any more
than in a cat it
does to mice.

On the part of a lawyer, compatibility of domestic, (i.e. small-scale) benevolence
with professional and official i.e. large-scale

Enter the house of Causidicus as a guest: all is
sympathy and gentleness: behold look at his wife, his children, his
servants. Every countenance bears witness to the benevolence kindness
that warms the breast of the husband the father and the master and as well as as well
as the friend.

Would you suppose conclude from this that to the miseries produced
by the abuses of which the practice the law is composed
his sensibility is greater than that of the roughest
and coarsest most undisguised savage the profession ever
produced — a Northington for instance or a
Thurlow? a very short conversation could suffice to
convince satisfy you of the contrary.

for in to any such
occasion purpose the living would do
no more and be so much to be looked
at with impunity
than the he was Medusa's
head than
the head of Medusa was

To Of the miseries by which nobody profits, or
of to the miseries by which others alone profit, neither he
nor any friends of his having any share of him, due
sensibility will not be wanting: but as to those out torments
out of which his own comfort is extracted, and to which
it runs in a sort of proportion — oh, this is quite
another case!

to those which
have factitious delay,
vexatious and expense
needless imprisonment with
famine the the bosom
of it, for their cause

Talk of to him of these as objects that have a claim upon worth his attention
in quantities that require to be diminished
if he were a Northington or a Thurlow he would execute
you for a damned fool or a damned scoundrel.
But being what he is, his answer to you is conveyed
by a smile in which contempt and pity is seen to be
softened by good breeding, or an observation which puts it

hence to your candour
whether to any man
whose station is in any part
either of the learned
or of the official circle
objects such as those ever
are or ever can be objects of real regard sollicitude as if it were possible that regard for the existence comfort of the many not the expence of the felicity of the few were a sensation that really found entrance into a learned or official breast

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