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3 July 1810

Ch. Partiality preaching
§.2. Exposure


Future reminder in taking the account avoid to that of
religion the effects produced by the other sanctions

12 or 11
In this last opinion
is involved contempt
of mankind in general
Lust for them could
destroy themselves:
therefore I and mine
must shackle them.

13 or 12
Device employed
to clear the account
of bad effects: another
fictitious entity,
viz. Superstition
or False Religion or
Enthusiasm employed as a

To clear the account of embarassments, one another expedient
that has been devised, and evidently by the same class
of persons reasonsers is to create another fictitious entity,
while, like the in the character of a scape-goat, charging loading itself with all
the bad effects that have ever been placed to the account
or religion, shall have it in possession of all the bad good
once. This scape-goat is superstition: alias called also in some sometimes False
Religion, alias on some occasions perhaps Enthusiasm.

14 or 13
As to any fair
account of profit
and loss in this shape
that it should one may have
been taken is not
improbable: seems
that it should be published:
it would be
a libel: prosecution
and (especially under
a Jury, packed in the
mode avowed by the
Macdonald) conviction
of course

That out of curiosity, or some worthier motive
the account of this sort should be taken, and in a fair
way is not improbable. But that if ever taken
any such fair account of that sort should be published, at
least while in the existing state of judicature seems
not much to be expected. For in so far as it
were not agreeable presented any items on the bad
side, and in so far as it were supposing it not agreeable to the
Judge that not to like any items on that side should be brought
to view, he would tell the Jury it was a libel,
adding foul, scandalous, blasphemous and whatsoever
other terms of reproach and detestation it so should
come into his head to use: whereupon the Jury, especially
if selected in the Kings Bench with a cover on principles
analogous to those with which they have been avowed to
be in the Exchequer + would find it deserving of all
+ See Lord Chief Barns
Letter to Sheriff Sir
Richard Phillips

those epithets as of course. For a as the law
or no-law stands at present, a libel is every published
discourse which from whatsoever cause it happens to
to have excited on the
part of

him who has to judge of it not to like. to be displeased with. a sentiment of displeasure.

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