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28 June 1811 3
Fallacies Book I. P:2. Ch 1.

Ch. Fallacies to
§.1. Exposition. General View

3 3

S Jealousy and hatred any thing rather than not the requited
pr for the to the useful .
Bacon from the of physical science.
But in the ground of political th of moral science it
is in ground to form strong to be shaken by argument.

At this day, Authority's
reign is still
undisturbed: Nothing
done because it ought to be
only because it has been

At the time in which I write In the time in which this work is penned these lines are committing to paper, Authority reigns
still with almost uninterrupted undisturbed sway
still an unshaken Empire: undisputed sway: the reign of Reason is
yet to come. Nothing is as yet done because it ought to be
done: nothing is done for on any better cause ground than that
it has been wont to be done. [than that it is in use to be done
or at least that it has been done

Reason if at all
is called is not as
mistress but as Servant
to Practice

If to Reason be at
all committed
happen at any time to be called in, it
is never scarce ever not for the purpose of setting the the ban to practice directing, it
is for no higher worthier or other purpose than that of ministering
to and justifying and defending practice

Puppies though
blind have the bitch
with good eyes, to see
for them.

Man in his blindness
trusts to men who
were still further
from the age of clear-sightedness
than himself

Blindness accompanies the infancy first days of the dog,
but the for his guidance during the days of his blindness
But the eyes of his its mother are open: and till his its
own be opened, hers are the eyes through which he it sees.
Man in his blindness trusts still, and by preference
to those who are also blind blind as he is: who are were not merely as
blind as himself, but who are were still further than
himself from the age at which his man's the eyes of the
mind will have learnt to open compleatly opened themselves

to those who are were blind as he is: blind not merely as
he is, but still further he is, but as might be expected from in the case of those who were still further than he is from the age at
which sight commences blindness vanishes man is destined to see. the age at which the
eye of the mind minds eye expands itself ventures to encounter
the full light.

which the practice of seeing with a mans each man with his own eyes is
destined to commence.

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