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8 June 1810

Graduality preachers


7 or 5 continued

Ask the physician of the body politic why
instead of the whole dose necessary, he takes orders
only no more the sixth part of it, leaving the other five
in the apothecary's shop, his reason, if he attempts
to give one, will be such as very apt to be, if it were good for
any thing, would prove that the case is one that
ought not be had better not be muddled with, and
that this the little he is for doing is all of it by the whole
too much amount of it.

If however on this occasion you contrive so manage it
to speak without any of the usual and almost
necessary metaphors, so much the better. For if [+]
[+] in the distress he
is in he is on the
watch for every
thing he can lay
his hands on

[he is upon the watch for you] and if you the a metaphor
if he can lay hold of one is what a brief is
to a lawyer the man of law, and when he has got hold of it
he has got his one. Give him for instance example, as above the word
dose, and you set him at his ease immediately he falls to work and makes an answer out of it.

He talks of vomitings and purgings and salivations, all for want of
graduality: and this says he is what comes of
giving all at once what ought to have been divided putting the matter of half a dozen doses with one
into half a dozen doses: after which After this a few words
more serve him for are all he wants for laying your body politic in
its grave, and thus it is that he proves to you, and beyond
all power of counter proof that after all you have done [+]
[+] when all you have meant
done is over do is done
matters ought to be
still left in such a state
and that

justice ought to to remain out of the reach should continue to be denied to all but a few, and to be sold to
those few at a ruinous price [as at present], and that the agents
of the people instead of being Judges as they are supposed to be Judges
over the servants of the
King, ought still to be
servants under them and paid
paid by them as at present

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7 or 5 continued



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