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1819 Aug. 4

Fallacies of other

D 1. Lawyers. 2. Lovers. 3. Artists & Scientifics. 4. Litigants. 5. Divines

5 Aug 1819. In what follows in this and the next page there is a mixture of clear and cloudy, true
and false. Quere whether to employ any part of it.

Fallacies of a political cast are constitute the particular subject
of the present work. But what the instruction if any which it may be
found to convey, will be rendered by so much the more clearer as well as
compleat, if some conception be afforded of the whole extent of that field
of which p the field of political fallacies forms though a principal
part still but a part.

For this purpose it is will indeed be necessary but is at the same
time sufficient to carry the eye over the whole field in of that field within which
the matter of good — the good things of this world — the several
objects of human desire, are comprehended — money and monies worth, power,
reputation factitious dignity, vengeance, ease. In the one word advantage all
these several modifications of the matter of good may, for a purpose
such as the present, be comprehended. Thus there is
a property common to every fallacy — an instrument of deception
employed having as for its tendency object the enabling a man to retain the retention or
acquire some advantage. Whether the advantage be regarded as due or
undue, whether the mans title to it be regarded as legitimate or illegitimate,
fallacy according to the nature of the situation and advantage
will be not the less capable of being employed in support
of it. But, to him who on one side or other of the question whatever it be is occupied in

in so far as those to whom it will belong to
judge those before whom he pleads are qualified for passing a correct judgment, a right
and proper induction from the merits, deception will be needless:
and considering that in so far as it is seen to be where it is
the any attempt to produce deception has the effect of producing
in the mind of the judge an opinion that even in the eyes of the intended deceiver
himself the cause side he is occupied in supporting is a bad
one, the attempt to produce this bad effect will be in the eyes of the judge with reference
to the cause and interest of the would-be deceiver be not only
needless but injurious. It is theref Whatsoever be the nature of the advantage in contention — of the subject
matter in dispute

The side of him who is in
the wrong will therefore be naturally and will commonly be the side on which the
fallacy is employed.

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1. lawyers 2. lovers 3 artists & scientifics 4. litigants 5. divines


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"9 aug 1819 in what follows in this and the next page there is a mixture of clear and cloudy, true and false. quare whether to employ any part of it"

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